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Foster Fence has been a trusted fence company that has served the residents of Newport News region since 1989. We are focused on providing our clients with reliable and high-quality fencing services any time they need our services. We strive to build a fence that will stand the test of time without losing its beauty and relevance.

Our Guarantee

Our fence team will design and install custom fences that will meet your needs now and in the future. Whether you need wood fencing, vinyl fencing or even aluminum fencing, talk to us and we’ll build it. With our vast experience in fence building, we guarantee that you’ll get the best fence for your property

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As a reputable fence company, we are committed to using the best fencing products for your fencing. When you contact us to fence your residential property, we’ll treat it like our own and give it our best. This is has earned us thousands of satisfied customers through the years that trust us for all their fencing needs.

Different Fence Styles

Any time you need a privacy fence, aluminum fence, animal enclosure or a pool safety enclosure, call our fence company. We also specialize in landscaping enhancements, trellises, pergolas, and arbors for walkways. All you need is to get in touch with us and we’ll build your classy fence in no time!

Are you ready for your next fencing project? Get in touch with our fencing company today. We fence team is
always ready to discuss your fencing needs and provide a free quote.

Why Foster Fence is the Best Fence Company?

We Have Vast Experience in Fencing.

Our fence company in Virginia has been operating since 1989 and through these years, we have installed all types of fences. With this experience, we’ll know the best fence that will last longer and also make your home beautiful.
When you grant us a chance to work with you, we’ll create the fence that you want.

Our Fencing Materials Are of the Highest Quality.

When providing fencing services to you, we only use high-quality fencing materials. Whether you need wood, aluminum or vinyl fence, our fence experts will get you the best in the market. We guarantee that we’ll make your dream fence a reality.

Competitive Prices.

Despite providing exceptional services and using high-quality fencing materials, our prices are very competitive. We aspire to make it possible for our clients to get the right fence without breaking the bank.

We are Professional.

To maintain high standards in fencing, our fence company hires highly trained and professional staff. For your fencing needs, rest assured you’ll be dealing with a person that is really good at his job. Our experts will keep working until you are completely satisfied!

Types of Fence We Install


Aluminum Fences.

Are you looking for low maintenance and affordable fence? Get in touch with foster Fence Company and we’ll install an aluminum fence. With our fence team, your fence will not only be decorative but versatile as well.

We’ll choose a design that complements your home and one that will stand the test of time. Call us today and we’ll install a durable and environmental-friendly aluminum fence in your property.

Animal Enclosure Fences.

Our fence company specializes in creating unique and durable animal enclosure fences. Whether you have thousands of livestock or just a few, we have the right fence that will contain your livestock. Our fence installers gave garnered vast experience over the years and will give their best for your fence.

Whether you need a cattle fence, sheep fence, goat fence, horse fence, or a board fence, call our fence company. We are your best solution for your animal enclosure fencing needs.


Vinyl & Wood Fence.

At Foster Fence Company, we are well equipped to cater for all your fencing needs. Whether you need a vinyl fence or a wood fence, all you need is to ask and we will make it happen.

We understand that every property has unique fencing needs and this is why we take out time to listen. To us, your satisfaction is our greatest victory and this is why we aspire to get it right the first time.

If you want a fence that will last up to 100 years, we’ll get you a vinyl fence that will suit your style. With us, you can have the assurance that we’ll get you the best fence at a price you can afford.

Privacy Fences.

The security of your home is a key consideration as this is what will guarantee the safety of your investment. You need a fence that will keep your home private and give you the freedom of doing what you love.

Any time you are ready to install your privacy fence, get in touch with our fence company. We’ll ensure that no intruder will be able to intrude into your privacy by installing a privacy fence. Depending on your budget, we will help you to choose the best material for your fence.

Arbors for Walkways.

There is no better way to beautify your walkways than having beautifully constructed arbors. They will not only make your walkways beautiful but will also provide shelter. Call our fence company today to kick start your arbor construction project today.

Based on your budget and style, our professional fencing team will ensure you get what you want for your property.


Landscaping Enhancements.

Are you looking for affordable, honest, responsive, and professional landscaping enhancement services? Foster Fence Company is your best choice. our level of communication is very high and we’ll ensure we walk with you in every step.

To us, going beyond your expectations is our focus for any project we undertake. Your landscape will not only be appealing to your guests but it will also be safe for your family. We’ll transform the unsightly areas in your property into a sight to behold.

Talk to us today and our professionals will turn your landscape into what you’ve always desired.


Do you wish to install new trellises? Get in touch with the best trellis builders at Foster Fence Company. We aspire to build affordable, durable, and beautiful trellises that will enhance the look of your property.

Our expert team will go above and beyond in ensuring that you get the best trellises within the agreed time. Call us today and get your free quote as you provide more details of your trellises project.



Looking for a company that will construct stylish and customized pergolas for your property? Our fence company in Virginia is your best choice! We use high-quality materials in all our pergola constructions so that it will last for a very long time.

We’ll walk with you from the designing stage until we are able to install the pergolas you’ve always wanted for your home. Whether you want an attached pergola or a free-standing pergola, our professional team will make it a reality.

Are you ready for your next fence project?

Foster Fence Company is your best choice for all your fencing needs. a fence company that will go the extra mile to ensure your dream fence becomes a reality.
When we take up your fencing project, we’ll work on it as though it were our own.

Talk to us today and get your free quote. We can’t wait to have you as one of our happy clients!

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